Thursday, 11 October 2007


name: kao

age: unknown

Sounds: robotic, heavy machinery,
talking manufactured by the "operator"

movement: arms tend to sway, as the fragile legs walk quickly

background story: its the end of the human race and all that's left of the human form is the head, the rest of the body is robotic controlled by the "operator" which is a monkey like creature, without the ability to talk.


Raimke Groothuizen said...

Hi Andrew,

Could you send me your emailadres, for the coƶperation? Mine is and Paul's is, but i guess he has a hotmail/gmail account too. Trying to find that out.


Paul Verhoeven said...

Hi andrew, great character.
I’m looking forward to work with you and your character Kao. You can contact me and Raimke by mail so we can match ideas about a story.